Mr Delmonte he say “Yes”

Most of you were aware that today I had a meeting with the Licensing Sub Committee of Staffordshire Moorlands Council re: my variation of licence application.

I am pleased to say that we were granted the licence.

To say I am over the moon and relieved would be an understatement.

I wanted no needed to say a heart felt thank you to everyone, yes everyone of you personally for your physical support, your messages of support, help and encouragement when I admit, it was getting me down.

So thank you be it online or in person thank you it meant and means such a lot to me.

The good news is I met the people who objected and to be honest I can understand why they did, so thank you to them both because it highlighted some areas that I needed to tighten up on to ensure we didn’t upset anyone again.

They also stated that is wasn’t them that went to the Sentinel newspaper, this was confirmed by the licensing officer.

As it was an open meeting the reporter just got the story from public records and decided to re word it.

So please don’t think ill of them as I hold no grudge or malice to them whatsoever and would appreciate if no one else did.

Lets put this all behind us now and move forward, after all I have the best pub and best customers ever between here and little Tesco FACT



13 Replies to “Yes-Yes-Yes”

  1. Great news Paul, well done
    Great to see it all coming together after all the hard work you’ve put in
    Cheers 🍾🍾🍺🍺🍾🍾

    1. Superb news congratulations Paul. You and all the staff do a fantastic job of making our local one of, if not the best in Staffordshire.

      Cheers 🍺😋

  2. great news paul well deserved with all your hard work from you and your team🥂🍻🍸🍹🎉🎉

  3. Nowt better than an amicable compromise. Keep up the sterling work mukkah 👍🏾👏😁

  4. Fabulous news well deserved, just wish we had a babysitter more often so we could visit more often! 😁

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