Wasting Police Time

“Safest pub I have been in” words of one of the police officers who once again visited the pub after another anonymous tip off that we were breaching COVID rules.

So whoever is doing it. Please stop as it really doesn’t bother us apart from the fact that you are wasting police time and resources and would probably be one of those people that are always blaming them for not doing there job properly.

5 Replies to “Wasting Police Time”

  1. Time wasters and they need to think of the consequences … wasting police time! isn’t it classed as a crime? I hope your pleased with yourselves in these times we all need to pull together. But there’s always one. And Paul like I’ve said before yourself and your staff have looked after us all in a safe and clean pub with a great community spirit. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  2. Someone needs to get a life, or even visit the pub!!!
    . Since reopening you and your team have all been working hard to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and social distancing. If anyone dares to stand up without wearing a mask then the ‘regulars’ all shout “mask”. There’s no way anyone can flout the rules as We don’t want to lose such a lovely pub and staff.
    Stay strong, stay safe and look forward to seeing you all at the other end of this lockdown x

  3. I totally agree some folk don’t like the pub but it’s spotless and Paul and Sue sticks to the rules and regulations we all stick together not literally but we all have one another’s backs we all sign in wash our hands and wear masks so whoever it is that’s being vindictive get a life

  4. I know they have important stuff to do, but I’m sure the police dont mind dropping in.. shane if they dibt get a free pint.

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