Update on the current situation

Good morning, may i take this opportunity to say i hope this post finds you all safe and well.

As some of you are aware we have had a few issues over the last few weeks both with illness and the local rumour mill being in full swing and even some of you anonymously reporting us to the police for COVID Rule breaches. All of which have only wasted police time and are untrue but hey ho that’s village life i suppose.

The latest incidents involve small minded people running off when they see myself or staff on the street and in supermarkets, which is quite hurtful to say the least.

As i have had many messages of support and asking what is happening in the future i thought i would let you know straight from the horses mouth as they say before the rumour mill kicks in again.

We are not going anywhere soon, we will be back stronger than ever and i will ensure the Roebuck is still a thriving hub and business in the local community.

This weekend we will not be open for Pizza delivery as we are taking the opportunity to get the whole pub sanitized and deep cleaned.

But we will be open next week Thur- Fri – Sat – Sun for Collection and our new contactless delivery service. (Full details will follow in the next few days.

Here’s to the future whatever it may hold.

Cheers Paul

7 Replies to “Update on the current situation”

  1. Thanks for the update Paul/Sue and Team.
    Keep your chins up.. the good times will be back along with your loyal clientele

  2. Never doubted you
    Known you too long to be put off by stupid rumours

    Good luck for a fabulous future running a fabulous community pub ,

    Keep safe you two and your fabulous staff

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