I am pleased to say that after a lot of hard work and planning by my staff team and guidance from our Local Public and Environmental Health Teams that we have been passed safe and secure to reopen tomorrow at 3pm

We will be missing a few members of staff and a few customers but we will be open for you to enter a COVID safe environment.

We will be operating without our food offerings until next week when we are all back at work.

Please be assured that apart from Sue and myself we have had no other reports of any staff member or other customers showing any symptoms.

Hopefully see you after the weekend as both Sue and I are still in isolation and recovering from the effects of this horrible virus, thank you for all your messages of support over this last week they have meant the absolute world to us.

See You Soon & Stay Safe

Paul & Sue

4 Replies to “UPDATE ON OPENING”

  1. That’s great!! thanks for the prompt update.
    so pleased your brilliant team are doing everything to keep us all safe. Look forward to seeing you and sue again in your rightful place. Wishing you both a very speedy recovery x

  2. Paul I hope you and Sue and any staff member suffering with this illness are soon feeling well again and wish you continued success in your fabulous pub

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