The future of The Buck

Hi everyone.

This is an open letter to all our customers, past, present and also future to straighten out about what is happening at The Roebuck Inn (your local)

The present Lessee whom I currently work for is on the 2nd of October finishing with the pub.

This is the reason that things are a bit all over the place at this moment in time. ie. no Sky Sports and running out of different beers on several occasions. Unfortunatly this happens when businesses are changing hands for whatever the reason.

I am asking you for a little patience to be honest and to not take it out on my staff team. it is just as unsettling and upsetting for them as it is you believe me. They face losing their jobs not just their favourite pint or football match.

Hopefully we will be taking the pub on from the 2nd October and then will be working really hard to improve your pub and the offerings we sell.

Plans are afoot to do some decorating and some little improvements but please don’t worry as some of you are, I promise that there will be no massive changes to your pub in the near future. We are just trying to tidy the old girl up a little to make it nicer, cleaner environment for you and yours to enjoy.

Please please can I ask that if you have any questions or concerns about what I am planning or doing, is that you come to me and discuss them. The last thing I want to do is upset anyone.

Cheers and heres to the future of The Buck

Paul and family.

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