The Bar is Now Open…….

Good afternoon everyone. Hope you are all well and you and your loved ones are staying safe and are virus free.

A few of us have been using video conferencing for a week or two to keep in contact with each other and I had the idea of opening it up to all our customers, whether you want the craic or the company of familiar faces.

It has worked quite well over the last week or so to help people on their own and for friends to have a drink and a laugh with each other.

The bar will be open from 6pm -11pm every evening and is open to all our customers who want to use it.

It will be based on the Zoom Group Meeting software and will allow you to meet and talk to people in real time.

For those that would like to join in but don’t know how I will write a full set of instructions before 6pm this evening for you to follow.

Its as easy as that….

Your comments are most welcome.........