Thank You & My Apologies

A massive thank you to everyone for your support with the new takeaway, you will never know how much it means to us. So a massive heartfelt thank you to every single one of you.

Now can I please apologise to the people who I have had to let down as all the slots were full when they tried to order and to the people who have had to wait for their pizza collection. Please accept my sincerest apologies and the only explanations I can offer is that this is new, the demand has outstripped what I anticipated by a long shot but I am learning.

Please be assured I am working on this and learning along the way and believe it or not I am actually getting quicker at making them.

Bare with me and we will get there soon I am sure as the weeks go on. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

10 Replies to “Thank You & My Apologies”

  1. What a lovely message Paul, I am sure that everyone will understand & appreciate how difficult it is to adapt to the unknown at this challenging time…….we just got to get in there 1st & in advance with our orders haven’t we lol 😁🍕 well done matey, you are doing an amazing job!!

  2. Paul don’t worry yourself your doing a fantastic job and the the pizza is worth waiting for. The service you give is fantastic too xxx

  3. Everyone will understand Paul as your pizzas are amazing. 🍕🍕Considering you started this originally as bar food for the customers, you are still looking after us and the wider community. So now we will look after you by being patient and appreciate all your hard work through these challenging times. 🥰. Well done.

  4. Hi Paul, our pizzas and flatbread were fantastic last night. All piping hot, spot on service when I arrived. Everything is set up in the safest way possible. You are doing a great job. Great to hear and see so many people supporting you.

  5. I echo the comments on here. We’re all 100% behind you and understand that you are doing your absolute best. The pizzas are fantastic and are definitely worth the wait. No complaints from us at all.
    It’s lovely to see everyone being so kind too because you’re working so hard for us all. Many thanks!!

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