Takeaway Service Cancelled

Following myself being classed vulnerable to the COVID-19 Virus and having to self isolate for 3 months and the statement from the prime minister this evening, I have been left no alternative but to cancel plans for our takeaway service to be cancelled immediatly.

I am so sorry sorry but I am left with no other option. I do however agree with the course of action Boris is taking.

Please stay safe and look after yourselves and your loved ones so that we can all meet up for that party I promised you after this is all over.

I am here if anyone wants to chat or moan, you have my number or email so please use it after all I will go barmy cooped up with Mrs C for 12 weeks lol. (she will kill me)

Lots of love and virtual hugs

Paul 🤓

4 Replies to “Takeaway Service Cancelled”

  1. Sorry to hear that hun, you couldn’t have tried any harder to provide a service to your customers, you are a great Landlord, friend and family man. Thank you for trying!!! Stay safe, take good care of all your gorgeous family and of course Mrs C wont really kill you, well maybe, no, no she wont, well she might………..lol 🤣🤣❤ p.s we will be face timing you all very soon, it’s in hand xxx

    1. Thank you Sasha, your not bad for a Welsh Bint are you. Look after yourself and Paul looking forward to the FaceTime lolxx

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