Spotlight ON: Enhance By Daryl Lynn

Beauty Cosmetic and Personal Care, Including Semi Permanent Make Up – Dermaplaning and Brow and Lip Tints.

Semi Permanent Make Up in Meir Heath, eye brows, eye liner, lips, eye brow waxing, eye brow and lash tinting, dermaplaning, saline tattoo removal.

A subtle enhancement for anyone who may have lost their eyebrows through illness, over plucking, age and for some who may not have a defined brow shape to begin with but desire brows as they are the frame to our face. It is also a great time saver.

I like to call it the waking up ready for the day look. By adding a touch of eyeliner and/or lip colour along with your brows gives you an effortless make-up start to the day.

You can then go for a swim/run and sweat your heart out at the gym with the reassurance that you’ll look as good as when you set out.

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