This morning my staff and I have spent over an hour cleaning cigarette butts up.

Most of my customers use the ashtrays provided of which there are plenty so thank you for that.

But unfortunately some people no idiots who are either bone idle or tbh scum prefer to fill the floor, then the flower pots, then even the dog bowls full of water and now the new low flicking them into the pizza oven. It cooks food you morons how would you like it if I served you a pint with a dog end in?

The garden we try to make nice for everyone to sit and enjoy it is not a smoking shelter.

Now I am not against smoking as I smoked for 40 years and I have just been talked out of( for the moment) of not making this a smoke free pub. To that effect from today anyone seen flicking their cigarettes anywhere in the garden will be asked to leave immediately and tbh if you do that you are not welcome at The Roebuck Inn.

Unpopular decision or not think that our customers and my staff should it have to sit in or clean up a great big chuffing ashtray.

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