Response to this evenings Sentinel article

There has been an article in the Sentinel newspaper this evening (Page 17 ‘Pub already causes nuisance with noise’about my licence variation application for the pub.

I would just like to point out a few facts before people start to speculate about what it contains if you wouldn’t mind.

Live Music: I can already have live bands on until 11pm under my current licence if I choose, so this will not change. I choose not to have live music on after 2030hrs and it is only acoustic artists that play, as I do not want to upset anyone and cause a nuisance to my neighbours. I will also never have a DJ or play loud music in the garden that I can promise as I have neighbours less than 50 metres away.

Outside Bar: The outside bar is to relieve the pressure off the main bar at weekends as we get rather busy and would be monitored whilst open to control the noise levels. It will also compliment our food offering of wood fired pizza in the garden.

Complaints: The council have never had a complaint since I became the lessee of The Roebuck Inn and as I now have full control over what happens at the pub I would like to keep it that way. Yes we do have 3 festivals a year outside but again I do not let the bands play after 2030hrs and have them move inside after that time.

Opening at 8am for breakfast: This application variation is to allow me to open on the rare occasion it is needed not all the time, such as our annual charity shoot at Christmas, the occasion that The  Football Coach is leaving early and also as most people are aware we have planning permission in for a tea room upstairs at the pub so that is all it is for. I do not and have never intended to open at 8pm for breakfast I just want to on the rare occasion we do to be working within the law.

Children in the pub: This is again so that I am working within the law as currently no children are allowed on the premises, but should the occasion arise such as when they are attending a family members funeral or getting on the football coach with their dads I would like to be operating within the law.  It does not mean I will have children in the pub because I do not think our pub is suitable for children as it only being one room. This is one of my licensing objectives and one I take very seriously.

Parking: I cannot be blamed for the parking situation in the village people park dangerously in the village at all times of the day, is this my fault also?

Late Opening: Please be assured that i have not applied to extend my opening hours any later that we can now. its just so that people can take a pizza away with then at last orders as I need a licence to serve takeaway food after 11pm.

I hope that helps to clear up any concerns that people may have about the variation of licence application

If anyone would like clarification on any of the above points please do not hesitate to contact me, I am more than willing to meet with any local resident to discuss.

10 Replies to “Response to this evenings Sentinel article”

  1. A responsible landlord.
    Top draw squire.
    Pubs struggling all over the country. Hope you continue to do well.
    No doubt the criticism is from none frequenters to your establishment.
    Send them a pizza….a pizza your mind!

  2. I frequent the roebuck regularly now that Paul Collins is the landlord because of his standards on how a village pub should be run I’m also a Blythe bridge resident.i can’t understand why none users would have any issues or complaints when Paul is attracting more people to his pub which also adds business to local shops and communities. Paul keep up the good work and well done

  3. Keep up the good work. You’ve transformed that pub and the atmosphere in there on a weekend is electric.

  4. i have frequently used the roebuck in the past but since Paul has been their the change in the pub has been amazing… it’s a warm, friendly place and since the refit I have been quite a regular. Paul and the staff are doing an absolutely fantastic job for the village. I can honestly say it’s the best pub in the area for a friendly drink or a night of entertainment either way your made to feel very welcome. Keep up the good work Paul .

  5. we live very close t the pub we have never had any concerns with excessive noise and if I had I would have gone to have a word with the landlord. this type of pub is much needed and all credit to the team that it so popular.

  6. I live very close to the The Roebuck (East Bank Ride) complaints. Heard music (faintly in the background) on one or two occasions during the afternoon, but have no objections to people enjoying themselves. Paul is making a very positive contribution to our community and should be supported.

  7. The Roebuck Inn has been transformed amazing it has a friendly team that never stop providing hospitality. Music, food good people under one roof is an awesome achievement Paul. Well done!! Community is so important and here your providing an environment that all can enjoy and access. Thank you

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