Thanks for Nothing………..

After today’s government press conference this is a publicans reply. (a view shared by many)

The statement advising people to avoid pubs is the worst thing the prime minister could have said.

He’s leaving it up to us whether we close, effectively handing the leadership of this crisis over to publicans to decide how fast or slow the virus spreads – a decision we are utterly incapable of making, partly because we having no fucking idea, and partly because voluntary closures don’t attract any support from insurance or other sources.

So if we close, we probably go bust. But if we stay open we might not survive a drop in trade anyway, and we face the prospect of feeling responsible for the spread of disease amongst our customers.

I’m furious right now. We’re trying to work out the right thing to do, but we can’t possibly win here. Every publican will be feeling the same.

Please don’t blame those who stay open, or denounce those who close.

Either way, they probably don’t feel they’ve got any choice.

5 Replies to “Thanks for Nothing………..”

  1. I feel until the government enforce closure , I will still go to the pub, it’s only like going to the gym or the shops. To me pubs/businesses need all the support they can get before sadly they are forced to close, which I feel is inevitable!

  2. Shall support my local pubs and brewhouse whilst they stay open
    Making best of the opportunity before the government compulsory arrive in next week or so

  3. This has got to be the time when pub companies must step up to the plate and give leadership. None of us just want large managed pubs the only pubs left to visit. The backbone of the pub industry is the free house and L&T site that offers the individuality and uniqueness that our custom visit us for. Without support, a lot of good businesses will struggle to survive, which will devastate the industry and put thousands of people out of work.
    I agree with the information in the post, but don’t just agree and do nothing. Write to your MP, write to Boris and write to your pub company asking them to lobby government and demand they make a decision so we all get some clarity on the future of the great British pub.

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