One Way System & Guidelines

Please be aware that we are going to haVe to suspend our COVID-19 one way system through the pub at weekends.

This is for everyone’s safety as when we have the “sorry we are full” sign out people are taking no notice and coming through the garden gate. This is against our safety procedures and results in us having too many people on the site and breaching our risk assessment and government guidelines, so the gate will be locked so that we can monitor who comes into and who leaves the pub.

Anyone who can not abide by the guidelines will be respectfully asked to leave the pub for the evening.

And a polite reminder that anyone breaching the COVID-19 guidelines and or taking or smoking any illegal substances will be asked to leave and be barred from The Roebuck permanently with no exceptions.

Thanks Paul

One Reply to “One Way System & Guidelines”

  1. It had to be said explaining the serious situation we are in with Covid 19 . You only had to look what happened in Stone last weekend, can you imagine the same situation happing at the Roe Buck, and Forsbrook. had to be locked down because of theses mindless pepople who don’t give a dam about any regulations, As well as passing the Carona Virus on to there grand parents and parents.
    I have been using the Roe Buck since 1963 and I must say that Paul Collins as developed a fabulous pub for all age groups.
    But the actions of theses iresponsable mindless people we might have no ROEBUCK

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