‘Tier 3 oh goody’

Tier 3 it is then peeps.

Gutted to be honest but better to keep everyone safe and sound. Take care everyone and stay safe. Hopefully see you all in the New Year sometime.

Have a very merry and very safe Christmas.

staysafe #theroebuckforsbrook

Last Chance for Pizzas This Year

Last weekend for pizzas this year peeps and as a little thank you Paul has reduced all the prices and is giving away freebies.

All 8” Pizzas only £5

All 12” Pizzas only £8

Every order for 2 or more 12” pizzas gets a free Garlic Bread or Nutella pizza.

You know it makes sense………. get in quick as slots are filling up.

Pubs Matter

A pubs matter campaign starts today to let the powers that be know why pubs matter and why they matter to you.

Please help and let me know why your pub matters to you in the comments below using the hashtag…..


Thank you in advance for your support.

A Touching Thing Happened Recently

My faith in the human race has been restored recently, by an old friend of Sue’s from school.

The other day I received a phone call from one of Sues old friends from school who now lives in America.

She is from the local area originally so she has followed all the pubs antics and community things that we have done on the website and social media. She was moved by how we are all together in this mess we currently find our selves in.

To this end her husband and herself have sent me a large donation to pay for some pizzas meals for families that live local who have children and have fallen on hard times due to COVID-19 and maybe at this time cannot afford a takeaway meal.

What a lovely gesture and i am touched by their kindness.

Now this leads to a nice problem to have, who and how do i get these to the right families without offending people.

Any Ideas anyone how this can be done confidentially……..?

Stuck for a Pressie Idea?

Why not give your loved one or friend a gift voucher for their favourite pub.

Available for any amount you require. Can be used for anything we sell, Beers, spirits ,wine and our delicious pizzas or even if you just would like to send them a drink.

They will last for 12 months from date of purchase and can be used anytime for takeaway pizza, or once we are open again for drinks.

Give them a gift that means something………personal to them.

Message Paul or give him a ring on 07899 941104

Stay safe