Firstly can I apologise to all the people who were turned away from The Buck this weekend because we were full.

I can understand how aggrieved you must of felt when you were told that we were full, but honestly they are not my rules. They are laid out by the Government and no matter how fair or not we think there are we have to abide by them or risk being closed down.

It goes against the grain to turn business away tbh but that we must do.

It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you spend, how many drinks you will buy me or how aggressive you get with my staff or myself or even how many times you call me a fat prick you still ain’t coming in.

So please either act and behave like adults if you do get in, and accept that for the time being things have changed whether we like it or not. Or go somewhere else.

A Quick Update

Just a quick thank you to say how grateful I am for all your support over the past weeks, with all the Guideance that is in place.

You have all been amazing.

My staff and I only have your safety in mind when we have to remind people of how it works, hopefully we will be back to normal in the near future.

We can now have entertainment inside the pub, but we can’t sing or dance or even stand up so I have made the decision to wait a little longer, until the time when we can sing and dance like only Roebuckers can.

Cheers Paul