In readiness for spring……….

In readiness for spring we have today ordered the following “proper tea” for you to enjoy during the day in our garden, weather permitting or indoors if not.

Cherry Sencha – Green Tea – Relax and unwind, sipping fragrant sencha green tea that carries subtle cherry notes. Smooth and refreshing.

Cream Earl Grey – Black Tea – This Toff of teas comes with an elegant, creamy vanilla twist to enjoy upstairs and downstairs.

Cheshire Breakfast – Black Tea – Our version of the traditional English Breakfast tea. A rise and shine favourite, a robust pot of blended Kenyan and Assam to smooth your day.

Delicious Berry – Fruit Tea – A fruit-tastic blast of hibiscus, rosehip, blackcurrant, elderberries and raisons… phew, fruity! Drink it hot or as an ice tea, great tasting and healthy too!

Peppermint – Herbal Tea – Cool, zingy flavours, a healthy peppermint blast free of caffeine and calories. Delicious! Tastes good hot or cold especially after meals.

You really cannot beat a nice cup of tea with a homemade cake mid morning or early afternoon.

Just wanted to let you know what we are doing for the future at your local community pub.

Cheers Paul

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