How it has to be from Thursday 24th Sept

After much thought today about the new government Laws, yes Laws not guidelines here is how it has got to be when or if you visit us.

Please remember this is not me or my staff it is the government who have laid this down, we just have to follow and be dictated to or risk a £10000 fine and/or closedown.

1. When you visit us please arrive wearing a face mask. You have to wear this until you are seated at a table.

If you do not have one, we cannot by law let you into our pub. Even if you say you are exempt, if you are exempt you should have your exemption card with you and you will be allowed in.

2. Sorry but we have to have your Track and Trace details before we can serve you.

If you fail to give us correct Track & Trace details we cannot serve you as we would be breaking the law, so you will be asked to leave.

3. You cannot approach the bar at anytime for any reason. You will have to order and pay for your drinks and food via our online ordering system. Staff will then bring your drinks and food to you.

Details of our customer online ordering and payment system will be on your table.

In less busy times we can accommodate customers ordering direct to staff at your table, but this depends on how busy we are.

5. The RULE OF 6 still applies so no party any bigger than 6 people will be allowed in.

6. Unfortunately there will be no admittance after 9:15pm on any night of the week. LAST ORDERS will be at 9:15pm and the pub has to be empty of customers by 10pm at the latest by law.

Please lets try and make the best of a crappy situation for the foreseeable future be you believe Corona or not. It is not our fault so please don’t get aggressive or argumentative with the staff, because believe me we have heard what you have to say lots of times already.

When the sign on the door says FULL it means we are FULL it is not because we don’t want you in.

Cheers Paul 🤓

2 Replies to “How it has to be from Thursday 24th Sept”

  1. Top man &staff and pub
    Glad to know you are keeping us all safe law or no law
    It has to be what it has to be
    Anyone who doesn’t agree or like it stay away or go elsewhere
    I am more than comfortable with this in place

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