Hope you are all well…

Good evening I hope this little update finds all our customers and friends well and staying safe.

How are you coping with the isolation of the situatio? To be honest I am actually struggling now, after being on the go all the time and then it suddenly coming to an abrupt stop its taking some time to adjust.

I miss everybody so much, even the pain in the asses lol.

After jet washing and sorting the outside of our house out in the sunshine sue had me spring cleaning in the house, I dare not move now in case I make a mess.

To give me a little project to get my teeth into I have been sorting a new music and karaoke system out, (although not to replace Craig our regular Karaoke host) it’s just so we can have a bit of fun when needed instead of you singing to mic’s that are switched off, which by the way is hilarious

Hopefully most of you will be pleased to know that none of my staff team have been laid off. With the help of the government i have managed to secure their jobs for the foreseeable future.

Please take care all of you as you are all invited to a massive party to say thank you to all our local heroes that have kept Blythe Bridge and Forsbrook going along with local NHS workers and local  emergency workers throughout this crisis. May you all get through this unscathed.

Stay safe people and please look after yourselves and your loved ones

See you on the other side

Lots of Love

Your comments are most welcome.........