Here Goes…….

The time is now upon us to re-open your local pub. However unfortunately life is going to be a little different for the foreseeable future or until a vaccine is discovered.

Please remember that we are all, you as a customer and us as staff on a steep learning curve, and I know that some of the measures that we have to put into place some people wont like. Please remember that it is not my staff who make the rules it is me following the advice that I have been given.

So I would appreciate it if you didn’t have a go at any of the staff team just ask to see me.

These are the measures that I am taking to keep you and my staff safe

Entry and Numbers

If you have any symptoms or feel unwell please do not come to the pub, PLEASE STAY AT HOME

I can only have max 36 people in the bar and lounge area and 32 in the garden, weather permitting. I am not having a table booking service immediately as I do not think this is a fair way to do things. Once we are full we are full and you wont be allowed in until someone leaves. Please don’t beg and say well “I am a regular” as we understand this but we have approx 100 regulars and I cannot get you all in at the same time I am sorry.

Once you get in there is a hand sanitiser table as you go through the door, PLEASE USE IT as my staff would of sanitised the whole pub before you arrive.

We have been asked to keep some information for Track and Trace. For those of you who order via our app this information will be saved. Those of you who don’t will be given a mobile number to text with your name and contact details. This information will be destroyed after 21 days and not shared with anyone but NHS Track and Trace.


Unfortunately you cannot approach the bar, you need to find a table that is free and then use use the QR code that is on each table with a phone or tablet and order and pay for your drinks on the app. A member of staff will show you how to use it if your unsure. It’s very simple honest. Your drinks will then be bought to your table by a wonderful member of the team.


There will be a few hand sanitiser bottles dotted around the pub. Please use them regularly. PLEASE NOTE: Only ONE person allowed in the toilets at any one time, please adhere to this at all times. It’s not ideal I know but it is there for your safety. Please wash your hands after and then sanitise them.

You will notice that staff will regularly clean Handles and doors and surfaces that are touched. They will also clean tables as they become free. If you require anything cleaning or wiping down please just ask a member of the team.


There is none until further notice. There will also be no Darts or other pubs games allowed until further notice.

The jukebox will be switched on but only as background music, please do not ask for it to be turned up, even if its your favourite record as we cant, we are not being killjoys we actually are not allowed to.

Other Stuff To Keep You Safe

Please do not approach other tables remember to keep 1m+ apart.

There can be no standing drinkers, you must remain seated at all times.

We have mobile screens if you woul like one to help to protect you.

Please remember these are not permanent rules , just a change to the norm until the virus has left us alone. Hopefully we will get back to normal pub life in the not to distant future. The advice given to us is changing all the time if any of the changes affect you I will post them on our website and social media.

(Spoiler Alert) If for whatever reason you feel that you cannot keep to the rules please don’t come, as you will only be asked to leave anyway.

Please be courteous- patient and calm but most of all help to keep everyone safe. It’s new to us all and no one including you me and my staff are experts. (Or we would be on the telly)

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