Coming Soon: New Additions to our Takeaway Menu.

Delicious Flatbreads. What the Italians call ‘Piadine’ 

Four new additions to our popular takeaway menu starting next week. Beautiful Italian Flatbreads or Piadine as they say in Italy. Made with the finest of Italian Ingredients. Ideal for those who don’t like or want a full pizza. Or maybe just fancy a change.

Speck Ham, Buffalo Mozzarella (DOP) & Rocket. 

Bresaola Beef, Horseradish, Shaved Parmesan & Rocket. 

Red Pesto, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Rocket. (N) 

Beetroot, Tangy Goat’s Cheese & Rocket. 

2 Replies to “Coming Soon: New Additions to our Takeaway Menu.”

  1. Loving the sound of all of these. Nice Lighter alternative to pizza.
    Great idea❤️
    Looking forward to trying them.

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