An Invitation to the Poppy Knitters

As massive supporters of the British Legion and their annual Poppy Appeal we (Staff and Regulars) at The Roebuck Inn think that it is heart warming to see so many local people knitting poppies for what i am sure will be an outstanding and poignant display.

I believe they are now even sending them to Ypres to represent our local fallen heroes.

Therefore i would like to extend a warm welcome and an invitation to any of you that are knitting the poppies or indeed wanting to start, to use the lounge area in our pub as a meeting place to chat, knit or learn how to knit a poppy on a Wednesday afternoon. Starting next Wednesday the 29th August from 12 o’clock.

We will supply free tea and a slice of cake to everyone who attends (unfortunately you will have to pay for Coffee and Alcohol) should you wish to partake.

We will also supply some wool for those who need it if someone lets one of the staff know what sort and colour. (Not me as i am colour blind haha)

It really is heartwarming to see the village’s coming together for a fantastic cause.

If anyone wants to call in and discuss this please don’t hesitate

Kindest regards and thanks

Paul & Sue

4 Replies to “An Invitation to the Poppy Knitters”

  1. I would love to come, I have knitted 18 poppies so far and will knit many more, see you on Wednesday.

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