A Touching Thing Happened Recently

My faith in the human race has been restored recently, by an old friend of Sue’s from school.

The other day I received a phone call from one of Sues old friends from school who now lives in America.

She is from the local area originally so she has followed all the pubs antics and community things that we have done on the website and social media. She was moved by how we are all together in this mess we currently find our selves in.

To this end her husband and herself have sent me a large donation to pay for some pizzas meals for families that live local who have children and have fallen on hard times due to COVID-19 and maybe at this time cannot afford a takeaway meal.

What a lovely gesture and i am touched by their kindness.

Now this leads to a nice problem to have, who and how do i get these to the right families without offending people.

Any Ideas anyone how this can be done confidentially……..?

5 Replies to “A Touching Thing Happened Recently”

  1. Paul can you ask the church or the gps or school they may no families that are struggling this Xmas just a thought maddie

  2. Fab idea and so generous! Lovely gesture to families who have/are experiencing hardship atm. What about nominations to you personally? Perhaps speak to local schools and see if they can refer any families.

  3. Why don’t you speak with Levison Wood Snr who is involved with local food banks . He may be able to help identify relevant families or may be able to put you in touch with people or local organisations who can

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