A little reflection

Enjoying a night off planning future events for our fabulous customers.

Just having a little time to reflect about the last 2 months at “The Buck”.

Firstly I would admit that it has been hard work and at times all consuming during recent improvement works and as a result I may of seemed a tad miserable. But believe me it was not intentional it’s just I had things wizzing around in my head for the future all the time.

Now it’s all done, (apart from little bits until next year) so I can get back to doing what I like best. Giving you our loyal customers what you want. The best pub for miles. Hopefully the things we have been doing these last 2 months is the infrastructure to enable us to do this.

So here’s to the future of The Roebuck Inn, Forsbrook. A pub that has its own heartbeat and soul.

Thanks for your patience peeps and I promise I will do my utmost to give you what you deserve for supporting us.

Paul xx

PS I would just like to say to my family thanks for putting up with me through these last 2 months. I know I ain’t been easy to live with.

Love you all to little Tesco and back ♥️♥️♥️

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