A Beautiful Thing Happened Today

The Seventeenth of April in the year two thousand and twenty. A sunny Friday morning in our English home and county.

The streets were quiet, the schools were closed, we couldn’t go The Buck.
And a group of friends missed each others hugs while saying ‘Ay up duck’.

So a plan began, the scene was set, we headed off to Tesco.
We met at ten, it started then, we sang and danced al fresco.

Seeing each-others faces after weeks of being apart
Reminded us how much we’d missed these people in our hearts.

We sang and danced and dithered in the queue for quite some time.
Our DJ Paul, he did us proud, blasting out Sweet Caroline.

Then it was time for ‘Angels’ but our Simon did not lead.
It was the general feeling that it’s because he’s normally peed!

Our Sue with her gloves and trolley, though she wasn’t even shopping.
Ness and Dee doing their little rude march as the temperature was dropping.

Soon we were all inside the store playing follow the arrow.
And trying to stay two meters apart when the aisles were just too narrow.

That single hour of our lives I don’t think we’ll ever forget.
Imagine if we’d never gone, or worse, imagine we’d never even met.

We missed our special friends who could not join us in the flesh.
But we sang for them and felt so proud, and God bless our NHS.

A simple Friday morning get together to keep us going for a while.
Did Crofty ever make it home or is he still in the freezer aisle?

Thanks to Jenny who wrote those beautiful words. Love you girl.

I am very proud to of been part of this with some of our customers, thank you one and all you crazy lot. Love you to Spar and back xx

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  1. This is fab, well done to all, thanks for the entertainment, keep it up. Same time same place next week with another showstopper? X

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