Help needed please……

Looking for your help please……
Thinking of holding a little social get together for elderly local people who would  maybe like to meet up and have a bit of a chat, maybe a little moan and groan (we all do it) or just would like a little bit of company on a regular basis.
We would provide free tea and coffee and a few sandwiches, maybe we could persuade Kerry to bake us one her wonderful cakes too.
This is where you come in:
  • What day would be best and how regular?
  • What time of day is best. before 1 and we could use the pub lounge if people couldn’t get up the stairs.
  • Finally how do we let people know what is going on if they are not on social media.

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  1. fridays? morning coffee half 10? put a flyer up in the shops in Forsbrook… I think it would be very popular so to avoid the Hideout being over-run the lounge woukd be ideal.

  2. Hello I work in the community with older people. Put some flyers up in GP’s and pharmacies etc. Some people may have mobility issues so making sure they can use walking aids and most importantly the loo!

  3. I would be happy get some flyers out in my nans church and at her art class if you like, my nan might enjoy this herself with her friends get her out the house.

  4. This is a lovely idea my mum and I would come I am her carer. I think a coffee morning would be lovely. I think it wouldn’t be long before it would take off. Flyers in Hairdressers, barbers, local shops , church’s. Word of mouth. I would like to offer a hand if needed.

  5. Fantastic. I work with the elderly & this is much needed. Maybe avoid Mondays when the Friendship group operates at St Peters church ( although this is fortnightly).

  6. Absolutely brilliant idea, drop some flyers off in the Spar, we get lots of elderly people who come in and want a chat, we could give them a flyer. Keep up the hard work Paul and team, you’re a credit to the village. 😀

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